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Planning and building the interiors of the apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, shops and shopping centres is our company's main specialization. Our studio offers a full cycle of service, starting from creating the design-projects and making all construction works to completed turnkey.

Design Project

The design-project is a pack of schemes, which is used by the builders, construction finishers, suppliers, manufacturers and other contractors, for a high-quality realization of all the complex tasks.

There are 5 key stages in a design-project:

• Research project;
• Design concept;
• Working project;
• Specifications;
• Supervision.

The design-project allows to plan the costs of the renovation and, if needed, to adjust the budget using different decorative materials and equipment. The design-project guarantees a fully comfortable and functional interior at the lowest financial and personal costs.

Painting and decorations

The designer's creative job does not end on the design-project, we follow our projects on their path to realization in real life, creating a competitive selection among the best construction companies and choosing the most suitable options for each stage of the project. The professional high-quality renovation is done in partnership with different companies, which are known for their consecutive top quality job results on the market for many years.

The contractor selection can be done based on the contest (tender) results, where the main criteria for winning is not only the final price, but also the following factors are taking into account:

• the quality of the estimates;
• the contractor's experience and their work's quality, which is judged by rating their previous jobs' results;
• the contractor's lifetime on the market, availability of licenses for works;
• the offered guarantees on the results;
• the offered agreement's details.


One of our company's service is providing full amount of needed furniture, bathroom equipment, windows, doors, surfacing materials, air conditioning and ventilation systems, accessories, etc That's not an easy task, especially taking into account the huge selection available on the market, offered by the modern furniture industry. Our specialists can provide a full support in making the right decision for yourself, saving your time for not getting lost in the variety of choices, as it's well known that even a couple of dominating interior elements could as emphasize the basic idea of the created space, as well as ruin it.

We have a long partnership history and a well-established structure of work with dozens of Russian and foreign wholesale companies producing furniture and accessories, decorative textiles and all the other elements, which create a complete, unique, harmonious and comfortable space. We offer a large selection of furniture of different styles in different price categories. Furniture and equipment selection, without spending your time in the shops, a perfect blend of highest quality and reasonable price – that's what our company makes possible for you.


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